ZPanel is open source Hosting panel for manage files,database,email,etc with a single GUI panel. You have required sudo user login details or root user details before start this ZPanel installation process.


1. Download the installation script of Zpanel using command below:

[[email protected] ~]# wget -O installer-10-1-0-centos-64.sh.x https://github.com/zpanel/zpanelx/releases/download/10.1.0_orig/installer-10-1-0-centos-64.sh.x

2. Set execute permission on installation script using command below::

[[email protected] ~]# chmod +x installer-10-1-0-centos-64.sh.x

3. Install pre required packages for installation od Zpanel:

[[email protected] ~]# yum install ld-linux.so.2 curl

4. Run the below command to start installation of Zpanel:

[[email protected] ~]# ./installer-10-1-0-centos-64.sh.x

5. Once the installer requests MySQL password, then mention it well, ideally in the same way as the root password to prevent forgetting.

6. At the end of the installation, the ZPanel admin password appears, note the fine. The admin username of ZPanel is: zadmin

7. You have to reboot the server when the installation will be completed.

8. You can access Zpanel login using url http://zpanel.yourdomain.com or http://IP Address

That’s all about installation of Zpanel in Centos 7