We have already discussed for installation and Webmail url configuration in Mailenable. Now in this article we will discuss to create email account in Mailenable.

1. Login your windows server using RDP and open Mailenable software on server.

2. Firstly you need to create Postoffice for your email domain by right click on Postoffice tab and enter the Postoffice name and password.

3. After enter the Postoffice name. Click on postoffice which you have created. Now you will see the Domains option also in the new tab and you need to right click on Domain tab and Add Domain.

4. Enter your Domain name.

5. After enter the domain Right Click on Mailboxes for create Email.

6. Enter email Account name which you want to create. Enter the username only not complete email for eg:- [email protected]

7. You can see in below screenshot email account with test name is created.

We have completed the article for create email account in Mailenable.