Plesk is a hosting panel to allow administrator manage database,email,files,subscription,etc on a single control panel with GUI access.

System Requirement of plesk

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Install Plesk Using Browse

1. Download plesk GUI installer using following below command:


2. You need to set execute permission on installer file using below command.

chmod +x plesk-installer

3. Now run plesk installer command using the below command.

./plesk-installer –web-interface

4. You can access GUI plesk intsaller using url https://yourserverip:8447 or https://yourserverhostname:8447 :

https://your-ip-address:8447 or host https://your-host-name:8447

5. Enter the root password of ssh and click on Log In.

6. Select “ Install or upgrade product “

7. Select the plesk version according to your requirement and click on continue.

8. Now you have to select and preview the component which you want to install in plesk according to your requirement.

9. After select component click on continue for install component and you will get screen like below.

10. When you get the message on installing screen ”All operations with products and components have been successfully completed” .You need to click on “ok” to complete installation and exit installation process

11. Now you hav to reboot your server from command line and after reboot the server. You can configure plesk using url http://your-server-ip:8880 or https://your-server-ip:8443 by using root user and password.

12. When you will login plesk,you need to enter some admin contact details and password,license,etc which are required.

13. After entering the password and email id. You need to enter the licensce ket if you have already license key or go with trail licensee with full featured and click on “Enter Plesk”

Now we have completed the installation of plesk in linux(Centos-7)