As you know RDP default port is 3389 and it easy to guess for unknown person so in this article we will discuss how to change the RDP default port to any custom port for security reason. To process this task you have required server RDP administrator user or administrator user level privilege user.

1. Access your server using remote desktop(RDP).

2. Enter administrator user and password and click on connect.

3. After connect server press “Windows+R” and open the “Run” and enter gpedit in run to open registry.

4. Expand to the following registry key.


5. Find the “PortNumber” registry subkey and either right-click it or double-click it. A box should pop up that says “edit DWORD.” Find the value data (it should say 3389 for standard installations) and change it to the port you want. In our case we are using 1050 in this example.

6. Now you need to reboot the server.

Note:- Before restarting your server, make sure that you have opened new custom RDP port in Windows firewall.