System requirements of WHM/Cpanel

You should have the root access of server.

1. You need to access your server using putty with ssh or from terminal.

2. Login from root user and sudo user of your server.

3. You need to set the hostname of your server for install Cpanel/Whm and hostname should be point on your server.

[[email protected] ~]# hostnamectl set-hostname

4. You need to disable or stop NetworkManager. Its required for install CPanel.

[[email protected] ~]# systemctl stop NetworkManager 
[[email protected] ~]# systemctl disable NetworkManager

5. Now you need to enter the below command for install CPanel/WHM.

[[email protected] ~]# cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest 

6. Cpanel/WHM installation is in process. You can check in below screenshot. It will take 20-40 minutes for install.

7. When you will get the message “the cPanel Installation has been completed” means Cpanel/WHM installation is completed.

8. After Cpanel/WHM installation completed. You need to reboot the server.

[[email protected] ~]# reboot 

9. After the server. You need to access CPanel/WHM and configure the CPanel/WHM. Please use below url for access WHM and Cpanel.

WHM:- yourserverip:2086 or hostname:2086

Cpanel:- yourserverip:2082 or hostname:2082 

10. If you want to use the your own private nameserver. Enter the private nameserver.

11. Now the Cpanel/WHM is configured and ready to use.